The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Phoenix 2017, January 21-22

Pedal With Warriors

Promoting physical and mental wellness to military veterans by providing camaraderie through mountain biking activities.

What new functionality we are looking for

We would love an entirely new website as the interface (go daddy) we are using now is quite cumbersome and not user friendly at all. Seems like no matter how hard you try to size pictures they get cut off when published to the site - very annoying! Also the display is not the same on all platforms so trying to correct what appear to be errors on the mobile version are not errors on desktop version of our site. Also hard to edit any of the html so that we can get more search engines to find us. Currently we are not able to set up a store so that we may sell our clothing to help raise money for our efforts.

How the new functionality will help

Will be much easier and faster to maintain a website that does not have the awkward go daddy interface.

A more professional, polished web site will appeal more readily to donors, hence, more funds to further our mission.

The ability to sell our clothing on-line will facilitate donations/sales.

How our organization will use the technology

Updating our web site will be a breeze and most likely anyone on our board will be able to make changes. Clothing sales will be happening more regularly. Better search engine results will drive more users (donors) to our site generating more money for our vets.

A more pleasing site that is easier for potential donors to navigate will help our organization raise the money it needs to operate and fulfill our mission of helping our veterans.

Who will use the technology

I envision each member of the board being able to update the web site...not just one specially trained person....hence, more transparency in our organization, which is paramount when you are a non-profit. When Pedal With Warriors benefits ALL of our veterans benefit.

Each member will be proud to share our new website instead of feeling unsure that something may be amiss on it as sometimes happens currently.

Before & After Snapshots

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16 Messages from Supporters

2016-11-20 22:34:11 UTC
Ken S.

Hi there!

Just a note to tell you Pedals with Warriors fills a HUGE gap in the veteran supporting community. Being a service member that participates in a variety of such organizations, the benefit constructive programs like these serve cannot be overstated. After you've received a few phone calls from friends who are trying to kill themselves, positive and constructive outlets become valuable beyond comprehension…. And if they help you improve or maintain physical fitness, even better.
As Americans we became more aware of mental health issues following the Gulf War and OEF. Before that there were two veteran organizations: the VFW and the American Legion. Both of these are great organizations and a great time, but I cannot help but hesitate to lend my full support behind these organizations because of the alcoholism crisis commonly battled. For this reason, I have supported organizations such as Jared Allen's Night Ops, Wounded Warriors, Turkeys for Troops, Team RWB, and now, Pedal with Warriors (PWW).
I love that the systems that support our veterans continue to evolve, a similar organization, Team RWB, has done will with other sports including running, cycling, crossfit, and even swimming. Mountain biking however has always been a more difficult sport to develop organized groups in for a variety of reasons. Mountain biking is going to be huge with veterans- it's not only outdoors, it’s in the mountains, which is a legion improvement over road cycling, which requires… well… a road. The sport itself essentially eliminates the most deadly enemy to the cyclist, cars. It provides the fun of motocross with natural interval workout going up and down mountains.
Veterans can be a little slow to trust sometimes- we get jaded. We are literally an ‘at-risk’ group for being con artists and exploitation by nefarious organizations who try to market themselves to the military and veterans, when the ‘deal’ that is offered is often on less favorable terms. For this reason a polished professional website establishing a brand integrity means a great deal for organizations such as these. The work you put into this organization builds two very special and distinct communities- about 22 million veterans, plus their supporters, and the 40 million + strong mountain biking community, which is always looking for another buddy to bike with.

2016-11-21 20:10:21 UTC
Joseph Hoover

Great group of people working for a good cause.

2016-11-28 00:36:25 UTC
Scott Givens

I am not a veteran, but I have the utmost respect for those that choose to serve, so I feel very lucky to be a part of Pedal With Warriors. We are currently the only organization, that we know of, that provides a recurring outlet via mountain biking to our veterans. Our ultimate goal is to extend this opportunity to those with disabilities via adaptive off-road cycles. Having an updated, modern website would drastically help communicate our message and representation for our goals.

2016-11-28 23:00:59 UTC
Joan Z

Pedal With Warriors would benefit immensely from a new and improved web site by being able to reach more veterans and better get the word out about the mountain biking opportunities we have to offer. As one of the original creators of our current site I realize first-hand how difficult it is to create a professional and polished looking site. It would also be advantageous for our organization to be able to sell our PWW attire on our website as a way to raise funds to further our mission of getting vets out together on mountain bikes.

2016-11-28 23:57:56 UTC
Dave Redman

I have only ridden with PWW a few times but I quickly saw the difference between this and other groups. I am a veteran of the Israeli military 1969-1972 and have a minor disability. I feel much more empathy from people in this group, especially the organizers, than from any other group, period.
I cannot stress how important this feeling of acceptance is, and how worthwhile it would be to more successfully promote PWW to get out the word so others such as myself will also find a "home" here.

2016-11-28 23:29:56 UTC
Carole Burton

As the Founder/President of Pedal With Warriors, it has been an honor to create an organization that humbly serves our military (retired and active) through our shared joy of mountain biking.

We have impacted our veterans by providing regularly scheduled mountain biking events where we ride with other fellow military and often times with a large group of supporters who also are members of Pedal With Warriors.

We provide an avenue for physical fitness through activity, getting out in the sunshine and fresh air and to enjoy the camaraderie that we all experience while we are mountain biking or hanging out after with a beverage and a snack.

Our goal is to reach as many veteran support organizations to get the word out about our rides and the first place they go to learn more about the organization is to their website.

Growing am organization by getting the word out is critical and websites are an important tool for accomplishing this goal. I put our website together as best I could (YIKES) when we launched and it has been somewhat of a nightmare to manage and maintain. The platform with GoDaddy is not reliable and I will often go in and something is not where I put it the last time I was there! This does not look professional, even though we are, and does not leave a good impression of an organization that has their stuff together!

We would so appreciate the opportunity to have this "overhaul" done on our organization!

2016-11-29 01:27:34 UTC

This challenge your group has presented is a terrific way for the Pedal With Warriors group to express their needs of a new website and current accomplishments of bringing dozens of veteran riders together and organizing weekly mountain bike rides, thank you.
I have become a big fan of mountain biking thanks in large part to the PWW organization. I have gone on half a dozen rides with the PWW team and each one has been a fun and rewarding experience. This group is very active and constantly taking rides and getting after it on the trails of Phoenix. I am an 8 year Navy veteran and I enjoy getting out and riding with other vets and the all around good people I've encountered through this group. I am proud to support the PWW team and look forward to the continued growth and success of this organization.
For the PWW team to reach more veterans and veteran supporters having an updated and easy to use website is vital. The more veterans that can be made aware of this group the better it will be for the local veteran community and for the riders of Phoenix.

2016-11-29 03:19:29 UTC
JoAnne Leahy

I would love to see Pedal With Warriors get a new website, this is a very deserving organization which already is making a difference in our community. Maricopa county alone has over 250,000 vets to reach out to and with an updated, friendly, easy to navigate website it could reach thousands! The group is not only about mountain biking, it's about comradeship. Getting together to have fun, challenge yourself, and be around others with common interests in a non threatening environment. The more people that can be touched by this website, the more money that can be raised through fundraising will increase this groups resources and ability to help and be supportive of those who have served our country and given more than some of us could ever imagine.

2016-11-29 02:59:01 UTC
John Koloch

I made a personal goal to surround myself with positive and motivated people! I am a US Air Force veteran working with Pedal with Warriors to share their vision with other veterans.

Carol and the other board members are absolutely motivated to share their love of mountain biking to educate and introduce other veterans into the mountain biking community and give them a place to be welcomed by a supportive organization.

Having a website that represents that passion and vision of Pedal with Warriors will allow donors, veteran agencies, and the biking community see how committed Carol and the other board members are with their mission. Increasing the visibility of the organization and enhancing the online presence will have a tremendous impact for the organization. An organization that is set to have national impact deserves a website that represents the professionals and veterans they will impact in the near future.

The veterans in our community (and nation) made a choice to serve their country and it is our responsibility to now serve them! There are a lot of community service organizations in Phoenix, but Pedal with Warriors is giving back to those that gave their all.

2016-11-29 04:04:53 UTC
Patricia Shaler

Anything I can do to help a Veteran enjoy life and enjoy riding with him or her, I want to do. We owe them so much. Off road biking absorbs the body, mind and spirit - you have to focus so it cleanses your mind of any worry or concerns as you overcome each obstacle. Thanks for providing this opportunity for us.

2016-11-29 17:34:27 UTC

Military life, in many ways is unique. Deployments, frequent transfers, specialized training and responsibilities that don’t easily transfer or are clearly understood within a civilian environment, sometimes lead to feelings of isolation. The thought of getting close to people only to lose them to another transfer sometimes leads to a reluctance to really get involved. Living on military installations also tends to isolate the military community from the population at large.

“Pedal With Warriors”, bridges that gap providing an environment for warriors sharing common experiences and lifestyles to get together in a healthy environment participating in physical activities alongside civilian supporters enjoying those same activities. The mock rivalries between members of different branches of service, and the bonding and comradery with non-military group members that are so supportive of the quiet sacrifices we make for our country is exhilarating and humbling.

“Pedal With Warriors” is more than a mountain biking organization, it is an outreach program that not only honors our military men and women, but supports them, and welcomes them as an important part of the community.

I am proud to be part of this organization and salute their effort to expand their outreach to wounded soldiers and disabled vets as well. Surely specialized equipment and training can be made available as the organization grows and attracts those military members that may otherwise feel left behind.

2016-11-30 02:59:00 UTC
Jason Kucinski

As a 14 year Air Force veteran that is a member of a number of organizations to include Team Red White & Blue (Team RWB), Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), The Mission Continues (TMC), and Pedal With Warriors (PWW), PWW bridges the gap in supporting the veteran community.

PWW has established itself as more than a mountain biking group, it is an outreach program that fully supports our veteran men and women, and is an important part of the community.

I came from being a “roadie” looking to get into mountain biking and I was welcomed with open arms. Not knowing much about the sport, PWW offered and shared a wealth of knowledge with me, had patience, and took their time is supporting my learning. Though I have moved to WA, the friendships and skills I have learned and made with my time of riding with PWW will last a lifetime.

I believe Pedal With Warriors would greatly benefit from a new and highly polished web site by being able to reach out to more veterans by establishing value-added content about the mountain biking opportunities they have to offer.

2016-12-01 18:59:49 UTC
Sergio Chao

I am a veteran and recently joined Pedal with Warriors because of their mission. This group goes beyond saying "thank you for your service," and actually engages our veterans by making them get out and do something that is not only fun, but also healthy. Some veterans have a difficult time readjusting to civilian life after leaving service, and this group affords them an opportunity to meet other veterans and wonderful community members who they can lean on.

Everyone in this group is very caring and dedicated to the mission. My hope is that a new website will allow them to reach out to more veterans in the community, and bring us together to continue the comradery that we cherished while serving our Nation.

2016-12-08 14:14:02 UTC
Tommy Collins

Pedal With Warriors is a fledgling effort that has huge promise to make great opportunities for veterans such as myself as well as those who have disabilities. Our current website 'just does the job' but I know with a better website we can attract more membership, thus allowing us the positive revenue needed to purchase and supply equipment for mobility restricted veterans. I can't wait for the day when I get to ride a mountain trail with another veteran who previously couldn't 'get out there'. We need a dynamic website that will help us get the word out. Are YOU up for the challenge?

2016-12-08 20:01:04 UTC
Gary C White, USAF Ret

Nerdery, I thank you for this opportunity to share my testimony as to the important gap Pedal With Warriors (PWW) fills. I served over 18 years in the USAF before medically retiring for Parkinson’s disease. Like many vets, I’m still having difficulty adjusting to my new life as a civilian not to mention life with Parkinson’s. There are many veteran organizations out there, many of which I belong to, however none that has made as much of a difference in my life as PWW!

This mountain bike organization, with its civilian organizers and supporters, fosters a “veterans helping veterans” community by providing a unique opportunity to get outside, do something healthy, and have some fun with their military brothers & sisters. PWW is open to all skill levels and operates with the “none left behind” attitude focusing on camaraderie rather than competition. They offer a recurring outlet for vets of all branches, both active and retired, as well as vets with physical disabilities to include those with adaptive off-road cycling needs.

PWW is committed to “serving those who served us” and with over 20 vets committing suicide daily (and countless others considering this tragic option) their organization and the service they provide could not be more vital. This one of a kind, all volunteer organization, could use your help in creating a website to reach out to and attract more veterans in the community to this outstanding opportunity.

Thank you Nerdery for giving PWW and the veteran community they represent, the consideration and possible chance to work with your team. It is my sincere hope that you select Pedal With Warriors as the recipient of your Overnight Website Challenge.

2016-12-13 00:13:00 UTC
Elisa Terman

PWW is an amazing organization for veterans. The idea to get veterans together on bikes is outstanding. I have been on a few of these rides and they are organized and well run. The rides are designed for all levels of riders and are on beautiful, well groomed trails. Kudos to PWW and their organizers for such a wonderful way to say thank you to our veterans and bring people together at the same time! I have so much respect for this organization!

Our Mission

Assist our veterans on getting out together on the trails while riding mountain bikes. Long term mission is to provide adaptive assistance to those vets who require it.